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Player & Team Eligibility

  • NetFest is open to mixed or all female teams of players aged 18 years and over.
  • All players must have registered their details online and paid the entry fee.
  • Players may play in one team only, with the exception of female players who may play in one all-female team and one mixed team.
  • A traditional outdoor netball team shall consist of no more than 12 players for the outdoor netball, eight players for the beach competition and 10 players for Fast5 Netball.
  • A minimum of 5 (outdoor and Fast5) or 4 (beach) players are required to take the court for a match to commence.
  • A team may seek special consideration to allow a player in a lower division to play in a higher division to cover injury, illness or accident.

Centre Pass

Centre Pass will be determined by a coin toss.

Timing & Substitutions

  • All matches will be centrally timed.
  • At the half time siren, there will be a straight change of ends.
  • If substitutes are to be made, please make them quickly.
  • At the end of each match, teams must vacate the court immediately to allow the next teams time to take the court.
  • There is a 2 minute break between games.
  • The clock will not be stopped for injuries If an injury is called, the player must leave the court immediately.
    If the player cannot be moved, then:

    • (i) Prior to the completion of the first half, teams will be awarded 2 points and 5 goals each;
    • (ii) After the commencement of the second half, the score stands as at the time of the stoppage.


Each team must provide a non-participating scorer for all matches. The two scorers must stay together for the duration of the match and use the official score sheet provided. The clipboard must not be removed from the court. The scoresheet provided will be considered the official scoresheet and only information recorded on the official scoresheet will be recognised. Winning team is to deliver scoresheet to the Competition Office immediately after the game.

Match Points & Byes

Points during the preliminary rounds will be awarded as follows: Win 4 points / Draw 2 points / Loss 0 points In sections which have uneven numbers, all teams will have a bye. Where points are equal at the end of the round robin, percentages will decide finalists.

Mixed Netball

  • For mixed teams, there must at all times be at least one, but no more than three male players on court.
  • Male players shall play one in each third. This rule does not indicate that the male centre third player shall be the centre player; he may be WA or WD.
  • It shall not be necessary for a male player to be opposed to a male player.

Finals Format

Finals will be played at the conclusion of the round robin. The number of points gained during the round robin shall determine teams qualifying for finals. In the event of teams being equal on points, positions shall be determined by the percentage of goals scored for and against. In the event of teams being equal on percentage, the greater number of goals scored for shall determine positions.

Finals will be played as follows: Elimination-Finals: 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 The winners of the Elimination-Finals will proceed directly to the Grand Final. We do not play off for rankings.

View NetFest Terms and Conditions (as at May 30 2017)


Each game of Fast5 Netball includes:

  • Four quarters of six minutes each
  • One minute interval at quarter time and three-quarter time
  • Three minute interval at half time

The Court

Always wanted to score from long range?  Fast5 Netball features shooting zones offering players the opportunity to score one, two and three points with each shot!

An additional semi-circle is marked halfway between the goal post and the existing goal circle. The area inside this extra semi-circle is called the ‘Inner Circle’, and the area between this semi-circle and the existing goal circle is the ‘Outer Circle’.

Each team also has its own ‘Substitution Box’ on the side of the court. Players will enter and exit the court from this area during play – just remember to keep your eyes open for umpires!

The Coin Toss

Toss a coin before the start of the game (or Scissors, Paper, Rock will do!)

Win the Coin Toss and your team:

  • Chooses which end they’ll play to in the first quarter
  • Starts with the ball in the first and third quarters
  • Has first choice of a quarter for its Power Play

Lose the Coin Toss and your team:

  • Starts with the ball in the second and fourth quarters
  • Chooses one of the three remaining quarters for its Power Play

Goal Scoring

Will you play it safe or take risks for the big points? With one, two and three point shots on offer, the choice is yours! Points are scored based on the area in which a player’s feet are positioned when taking the shot.

  • Shots made from the Inner Circle are worth one point
  • Shots made from the Outer Circle are worth two points
  • Looking for maximum points? You’ll score three points when the shot is made from outside the goal circle!

Land with your feet in different scoring zones? Step back and go for more points!

Centre Passes

All other centre passes shall be taken by the team that did not score the last goal.

Power Play

During a team’s Power Play quarter all points scored are doubled.


Substitutions may be made at intervals or during play and there is no limit to the number that can be made.


For more information and to find competitions in your state, check out Playfast5.com.au


  • Each team has four players on the court at any one time.
  • A player may only represent one team in the tournament.
  • Female players can play in both female and mixed teams.
  • A team may seek special consideration to allow a player in a lower division to play in a higher division to cover injury, illness or accident. In mixed teams there may be no more than two males on the court at any one time.
  • Players may move in any area of the court providing that no more than two players from each team are in the goal zone at any one time.


  • One substitution is allowed for each team immediately after a goal is scored. They shall enter the court from a marked area beside the scorer.
  • The game will not stop for substitutions to take place.
  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions per team in a game.


  • Each game shall be for a duration of two x five minute halves, with a two minute break at half time.
  • The clock will not be stopped for injuries. If an injury is called, the player must leave the court immediately.

 Starting Play/Restarting Play:

  • Centre pass will be determined by a coin toss.
  •  Play continues from the toss (ie the umpire does not blow the whistle to start). For the rest of the game, the team which does not score will take the next centre pass.


  • All players can shoot goals.
  • Goals can be shot from in the “goal zone” for 1 point.
  • Goals shot from the “3 pointer zone” (area between the closest transverse line and the outside of the goal zone) will be worth 3 points.

The umpire will indicate a 1 point goal with one hand raised; a 3 point goal with two hands raised.

Dropped Ball/Diving:

  • A player may dive on the sand to catch a ball on the full or claim possession of a ball on the sand (from either own or opposing team) and then either play the ball from the ground or stand up and play the ball. Stepping will not be called in this instance.
  • Players catching the ball face down on the ground will be allowed to roll onto their backs to pass the ball.

The three second rule applies to both the above.


Standard netball rules apply with exception of Dropped Ball/Diving as above.


  • When possession of the ball is turned over the team in possession shall play the ball back over the transverse line.
  • A team member must catch or land with the ball with both feet on the ground past the transverse line before continuing to play the ball back towards the goal. There will be no stop in play; the team having completed the crossing of the transverse line may immediately continue playing the ball.
  • If a defending player tips or deflects the ball it is not a turnover unless the other team gets possession.

Out of Court:

  • Standard out of court rules apply.
  • The ball must be thrown in from behind the line where it went out of court including behind the transverse line at far end of court.


No shoes required, however players may wear socks.


  • For Outdoor and Beach netball – all players in each team must wear the same colour top, and the same colour bottom.
  • For Fast5 – players don’t need to wear the same colours!
  • Players may wear netball dresses, shorts (above the knee), skirts (above the knee) or sports leggings. “Standard” bike shorts may be worn, but they must be no longer than the skirt or dress.
  • Compression shorts (for health or medical reasons) may be worn to the knee.
  • Jewellery is not permitted to be worn during matches.
  • Wedding rings, studs or sleeper earrings are permitted but must be taped.
  • Fingernails must be trimmed or taped.
  • Sunglasses, sun visors, soft peak hats and netball gloves are permitted.


  • Score sheets and match balls will be supplied by NetFest.
  • Bibs must be supplied by each team.

Tent hire

Australian National Events is taking the hassle out of your weekend, organising the hire and set up of a pop-up marquee for your team at the Outdoor and Fast5 venue, Firth Park.

To order a marquee, download the Pop-Up Marquee Hire Form here.

For more information on marquee hire, contact Australian National Events via email at event@ausnationalevents.com.au.

Daily Registration at Venue

All teams must report to the Competition Office no later than 30 minutes before the first match of the day, to check in their team and collect their daily fixture.

Late Arrivals

If any team is not present at the time of the starting siren, a representative from the team present must notify the Competition Manager in the Competition Office. The Competition Manager may award the present team one goal for each minute or part thereof missed by the offending team. A maximum of five goals will be awarded, after which the match will be declared a forfeit by the Competition Manager. The team present will be awarded the four points and a winning margin of 10-0. The scoresheet must be returned to the Competition Office indicating this.

Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

Complaints must be submitted in writing, signed by the Team Manager and given to the Competition Manager within 30 minutes of completion of the match giving rise to the complaint. Complaints/disputes in relation to player conduct, umpiring or scoring will be heard by a panel consisting of the Competition Manager and two additional members (nominees of Netball Australia). The paramount consideration of the panel shall be the rights of the player/s concerned. At the same time the philosophy/intent of the rules and any relaxation of the rules shall be maintained and administered fairly. The decision of the panel shall be final and binding on all concerned.

Team Disqualification/Failure to Play Policy

  • A team refusing to play or complete their match will be forfeiting the match and therefore their opposing team will gain the winning points and win the match.
  • In the event of a forfeit, the score 10-0 will be awarded to the non-offending team.
  • A team who has been disqualified shall be deemed to have withdrawn from NetFest.
  • If a team withdraws from NetFest, any matches it has played until then, as well as all the remaining matches to be played, will be recorded as a competition bye. The team shall be ranked last in the competition. The competition points will be corrected accordingly, and the competition schedule will be updated to reflect withdrawal or disqualification.


  • When matches are cancelled due to weather or some other cause prior to the start of the game, teams will be credited with two points and five goals each and the competition will continue as per the fixture, unless alternate arrangements can be made to reschedule the match.
  • When matches are cancelled due to weather or some other cause after the start of the game:
    • (i) Prior to the completion of the first half, teams will be awarded two pointsand five goals each;
    • (ii) After the commencement of the second half, the score stands as at the time of the stoppage.

NetFest Etiquette

Strictly no food or drink to be brought on to or consumed on the netball courts. This includes spectators/coaches with coffee. Drink bottles are permitted. No smoking anywhere in the vicinity of the courts or club rooms. NetFest Player Code of Behaviour Each player must complete a NetFest Code of Behaviour prior to playing in their first match. All Codes of Behaviour must also be signed by the Team Captain prior to returning to the Competition Manager.


View NetFest Terms and Conditions (as at May 30 2017)

Register to umpire the Outdoor and Fast5 competitions here.


  • Netball Australia manages the panel of umpires for NetFest.
  • A panel of umpires will be selected throughout the tournament to officiate the finals on Sunday.
  • Umpires must hold a current minimum C badge.

Late Arrivals of Umpires

If the siren has sounded to commence play and two umpires are not on your court, we ask players on the court to raise their hands to alert the Umpire Supervisor. The Competition Manager will then address the issue quickly.

Competition Categories

Type of Netball Competition Division Location
Outdoor Female / Mixed Social / Competitive HDNA, Firth Park
Fast5 Netball Mixed Social HDNA, Firth Park
Beach Female / Mixed Social / Competitive Surfer's Paradise foreshore