NetFest 2018 on the Sunshine Coast is not just running up and down a court blowing a whistle, we are creating an event where umpires, players, coaches and officials get together to have fun, socialise and have a great time! It is an end of year event for ALL netballers!

This year we have a number of Samsung prizes for umpires, a trip for 2 to the Sunshine Coast for one lucky umpire, NetFest 2018 Umpire shirt for all umpires, comfortable and modern umpire room for rest and reflection as well as learning and development from our Senior Umpires who are attending NetFest this year, they will be on hand to help you build skills and confidence, through their workshops and mentoring. For those without a C Badge, we hope to provide you an opportunity of earning it at NetFest 2018!

Meet our senior guest umpires

Kate Wright   –   Tim Marshall

Umpire registrations are now open for Netfest 2018.

Click here to register to umpire. 

Key Timings - Outdoor

Evening Shift:
Thursday 4th Oct – 4.30pm

Day Shift
Friday 5th Oct – 7.15am

Evening Shift:
Friday 5th Oct – 3.30pm

Day Shift
Saturday 6th Oct – 7.15am 

Morning Shift
Sunday 7th Oct – 8.00am

*Umpires are required to meet at the umpires tent prior to shift commencing for a brief meeting. 

Key Timings - Beach

Day Shift

Friday 4th Oct – 9.00am

Day Shift

Saturday 6th Oct – 9.00am

Day Shift

Sunday 7th Oct – 9.00am

*Umpires are required to meet at the umpires tent at 9.30 each morning for a brief meeting.