Four days of back-to-back netty can be thirsty work, so we’ve tracked down our five favourite places to celebrate a nail-biting win. Or if coming second wasn’t in your game plan, all the places to drown your sorrows and regroup.


Think umbrellas, deck chairs and marina views. All you need is one of their Mahalo Mooloolaba’s or a Marina Margarita. When we’re not courtside you’ll probably find us here.

The Dock

Alright this one’s for the lads. With over ten beers on tap – let’s just say you’ve got a full team and subs to spare. We’re also liking the looks of their Minty Espresso Martini. We recommend calling all your team meetings here. Like all of them.

The Piano Bar

Got your tactics down pat? Check out The Piano Bar for a bit of live jazz. Or if post-game snacks are what you’re after? They have what feels like a never-ending list of tapas. Did someone say antipasto?

Boston Shaker

The relatively new kid on the court. After only opening late last year the Boston Shaker is a smooth and soulful speakeasy. Dark and moody and perfect to hide those sock tan lines.

The Post Office Hotel

Ready to hang up the bib for the day? The Post Office Hotel. Firstly, they have happy hour. Or should we say happy hours. Do we need to say much more?