The Sunshine Coast has it all. Enviably positioned, the region is tucked between Brisbane and Fraser Island – a natural haven waiting to be explored. From the majestic Glass House Mountains to Noosa and the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, the region includes over 100 kilometres of pristine sandy beaches, surrounded by the quiet beauty of coastal and hinterland villages.

With exhilarating events that call the Sunshine Coast home, cheering on the competitors or dancing to the Sunshine Coast beat, it’s easy to come to life with thrilling events in natural spaces. There’s also no shortage of outdoor pursuits and back to nature experiences, the Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty will take your breath away.

The rich diversity of enviable beachside culture, wonders of nature, fresh local food, immersive encounters and world-class events are all in abundance. For travel information and activity ideas around how you can come to life on the Sunshine Coast, check out the Sunshine Coast Holiday Planner.

Caitlin Bassett & The Sunshine Coast


Eating out on the Sunshine Coast is a multicultural affair with plenty of fresh seafood, colourful tropical fruits, excellent wines and boutique beers. You can choose from exclusive beachfront restaurants in Noosa, to family-friendly surf clubs lining the coast and great-value RSLs. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the quintessentially Australian outdoor dining experience— munching on crunchy fish and chips sprinkled with lemon juice and salt as the sun sets on a balmy beach evening.

For a directory of where to eat options, visit the Sunshine Coast website!


Beaches, hiking, surfing fresh local food and world-class events, the Sunshine Coast has it all! The only thing more refreshing than the water is the lifestyle. With its sunshine, endless coastline, lush rainforests and easy smiles – it’s a place where you’ll feel like a local from the moment you arrive.

When you’re not on the netball court, check out the Sunshine Coast website for a full list of recommendations of what to do during your stay!