Thousands of netballers from all over the world. Beach tournaments, classic outdoor matches and Fast5 Netball comps at dusk. Live music, celebrity matches and fruity beach cocktails. Welcome to Netfest 2019.

    This is the world’s biggest outdoor netball festival. The Woodstock of netball (minus the flowers and tie-dye). Just four days of sand, sun and friendly competition for ages 18 plus. NetFest will be rocking Australia’s Sunshine Coast from 10 – 13 October.

    So how do you get involved? Grab your mates, book your flights and enter a team. It’s easy. With games being played every way you look, live entertainment, netball gear shops and plenty to eat and drink. It’s a non-stop, balls-out netball party. And registrations are open right now.


    Earlybirds get the sweet, sweet NetFest savings. Register your team before Friday 3 May to grab an early bird discount.

    $ 480 EARLYBIRD
    • Teams of 8 or less
    • 4 on the court
    • 2 x 5min halves
    • Everyone’s a shooter
    • Bare feet
    $ 220 earlybird
    • 5 on the court
    • 4 x 6min quarters
    • Unlimited subs
    • Power plays

    $ 740 earlybird
    • Teams of 12 of less
    • Competitive and social divisions
    • 2 x 10min halves
    Become A Vendor
    $ TBC /day
    • email us today


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